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HVOF Tungsten Carbide Gate

P/N: TCG001

Description: HVOF Tungsten Carbide Gate


HVOF Tungsten Carbide Gate

Size: 1-13/16, 2-1/16, 2-9/16, 3-1/8, 3-1/16, 4-1/16, 5-1/8, 6-3/8, 6-5/8, 7-1/16, 9

Pressure: 2000Psi(2M), 3000Psi(3M), 5000Psi(5M), 7500Psi(7.5M), 10000Psi(10M), 15000Psi(15M), 20000Psi(20M)


Coating equipment: We use JP8000 High Velocity Oxygen Fuel system which is in a world leading level to ensure the high quality of our metal ceramic coating. The adhesion between the carbide metal ceramic and base metal can be 70Mpa, surface hardness is between 950-1400 HV, coating porosity less than 1%.


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